Natasha’s Attic is a family owned Costume Shop in beautiful San Jose California. For over 40 years, Natasha’s Attic has remained a dedicated member of our community. We provide the largest selection of rental-costumes, theater make-up, wigs and more to our fun-loving customers, as well as our local art, school, theater, and dance communities.

Kathy and her mother Dolly began renting and selling costumes as Natasha’s Attic – Costume Shop on Bascom Avenue. 40 years later we have grown to be an integral part of our community, supporting our extended family of employees who are just as much a part of our success. 


With the recent world events and Covid-19 crisis, we have been forced to temporarily close our doors. Natasha’s Attic is one of the last brick and mortar, retail costume shops left in the entire Bay Area. Imagine only being able to find cheaply-made costumes, theater make-up and wigs on the internet, without the ability to ever try them on. 

We are doing everything we can to sustain ourselves until we can re-open our doors, once this crisis has passed. Meanwhile, our expenses are mounting each month that we are forced to remain closed.

That is why we have started this GoFundMe page. We humbly turn to you, our community, to ask you to make a small donation to help us keep our doors open after the Shelter-In-Place. We would use these funds to help pay for our rent, utilities, and to help our beloved team of employees as well. 

We  appreciate you, and each customer that comes through our door each day. We would be so grateful for your donation of any amount and your support during this challenging time. We would be glad to offer 50 % of all donations to us as store credit once we open!!!

Thank you for your help!

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