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Browse our costume themes.  Over 50,000 costume pieces!  The themes below represent our most popular requests, but there is so much more! If you can imagine it, we can help you to become it. (At least for the night!) Come and play in our dressing rooms. We will help you pick out exactly what you need. 

1920’s Flapper or Gangster * 1930’s and 1940’s Dresses, Zoot Suit * 1950’s Greaser, June Cleaver * 1960’s Hippie * 1970’s Leisure Suit, Disco * 1980’s, Punk, Yuppie, Prom * Anime * Angel * Bavarian and German Costumes * Butler * Civil War Costumes * Circus * Chef * Clown * Devil * Drag Queen, Fanime * French Maid * Golden Girls * Gothic * Halloween * Jail Inmate * Judge * Pimp * Police Officer * Pope * Priest * Prostitute * Mad Scientist * Mail Man * Manga * Marching Band * Medieval Costumes * Medieval Tunics * Military * Native American * NASCAR Driver * Nurse * Old West Cowgirl * Old West Cowboy * Old West Saloon Girl * Rabbi * Rastafarian * Renaissance Dresses * Renaissance Faire * Rocky Horror Picture Show * Scary Costumes * Senoritas * Sexy Costumes * Steampunk * Theatrical Makeup * Vaqueros * Vampire * Victorian Dresses * Victorian Gentleman * Village People * Wigs * Zany Costume * Zombie Crawl

… and that is barely  scratching the surface!

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Classic Easter Bunny (2 Tone)

Easter Bunny Rental Costumes

We have a fun assortment of Easter Bunny costumes in our rental department. Supplies are limited, so reserve yours today!

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