Renaissance / Medieval

Travel back in history with our Medieval and Renaissance rental costumes! Great for school projects, plays, Shakespeare festivals, Renaissance Faires, fantasy conventions and more. You’ll be sure to find something you love in our huge variety of Medieval, Renaissance and Elizabethan costumes. Theatrical and Cosplay quality costumes and accessories – wigs, boot covers, hats, helmets, pantaloons, petticoats and more!

Here are some great costumes available to rent in our Renaissance / Medieval section:  Fairy, Court Jester, Robin Hood, King, Queen Elizabeth, Executioner, Explorer, Fortune Teller, Gypsy, Romeo, Juliet, King, Knight, Maid Marian, Wizard, Monk, Musketeer, Game of Thrones, Commoner / Peasant, Blacksmith, Sorceress, Witch, Archer, Monty Python / Holy Grail Knights

Let Natasha’s Attic help you to make the most of the faire this year!

Renaissance faires are arranged to represent an imagined village in England during the reign of Elizabeth I, as this period has been generally considered to correspond to the flowering of the English Renaissance.  Visitors are always encouraged to wear costumes, contributing to the illusion of an actual Renaissance environment. Natasha’s Attic sells or rents costumes for all ages and types. The Renaissance fair is much more fun if you dress up, and some might even say “It is the ONLY” reason they go! Become part of the culture and add a higher level of enjoyment to the experience by “getting into the act” as Renaissance Lords and ladies, knights, peasants, pirates, belly dancers, or even fantasy characters. Fantasy elements such as fairies and mythological creatures like unicorns or centaurs are welcomed at most Renaissance fairs.

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Ren Faire Couple
Ren Faire Gypsy
Woman's Renaissance